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Welcome Divine Pharmacy

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At Shreeshakti Shaikshanik Sanstha Divine College of Pharmacy, we help our youngsters to enthusiastically train themselves to become a part of the “Marching Forces” of India to its goal of prosperity for all. We invite you to our campus for great learning experience, and We assure you that you will have the most enjoyable and memorable period of your life that you will want to live over and over again even long after leaving our portals. Pharmacists provide the medical experts with all dependable drugs and tonics to treat malnutrition and ill health. The emerging global pharmaceutical scenario and health care with the advent of WTO has thrown several challenges to all Indian Scientists & Technologists. We are ready and willing to accept the challenge. It has been a long but interesting journey for us in India from the time when life-saving drugs had to be imported to the current scenario when Indian manufactured original formulations hit the global market. Several of our Students and faculty members have been inspired by our by our environment and have gone on for higher studies in India and abroad.